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Updated: Aug 12, 2021

India the land of disparity always shocks the world with its diverse range of cultural notions about what’s appropriate for women. While the pandemic increases the distressingly low levels of female urban workforce participation, we have Dr Swati Mohan an Indian-American aerospace engineer, as the Guidance and Controls Operations Lead on the NASA Mars 2020 mission. While on the other hand (pun intended) we still grope with No sexual assault if no skin-to-skin contact verdict passed by the Bombay High court on January 19'- 2021.

Picture Creditr: pexels-ketut-subiyanto-4584579

Creativity can be most private and yet a public experience as Indian women /girls seek out equality through design with its pre-dominant underlying message beingGirls just wanna have fun is transformed into — “It just means that girls want to have the same damn experience that any man could have.” Without being judged or shamed!

As India enters the 21st century, it is these young designers who will make the change…

Picture Credit: pexels-dominika-roseclay-1179026

Secularist cherishes hypocrisy and India with its complex and diverse culture is commanded by male supremacist doctrines of subjugation of women. As slut-shaming and sexual repression are still problems we are dealing with in 2021…Enjoyment and empowerment can come out of female solidarity and design/creativity can be political as we seek to change the world around us.

As a mentor, I shelter and guide my students within a hypothetical space where creative liberties can take wings of fancy even so as we try to bridge the gap between the real world of cultural tyranny and the creative world which seeks freedom and equality.



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