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From Wonder Woman to Wondering Women

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

What exactly are we celebrating?

It is developing critical consciousness which makes it possible for the oppressed to move from understanding to acting and it is a long road ahead for every individual woman across the globe facing challenges on many fronts be it personal or professional. My journey reflects the struggles and aspirations of the thousands of women in India who are trying to break gender norms and social constructs.


Society’s unequal power structures must be rebalanced, so that the state becomes more responsible for its actions, the power held by civil society increases, and large corporations become more socially responsible. However, the signals are mixed and the message is lost as many women struggle on a very basic level where housing is denied to a single woman in a city like Mumbai which constitutes a large women’s workforce participation.

Empowerment can have many different meanings to different people — depending on their experiences, circumstances, hopes, and dreams. Conscientization for the people is at the heart of my profession for the promotion of development free of all forms of oppression based on sex, class, race, or nationality as I navigate my role in the design education sector. What I share in a safe space with students is often this disparity hoping that the next generation bears the flag of equality with more success and less helplessness.


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